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Lori Selki

is the editor of Tough Girls, an anthology of down-and-dirty dyke erotica (nominated for a Lambda Literary Award!). She has lent her talents to several projects, including On Our Backs magazine (as an editor) and Girlfriends magazine.

Her erotic fiction can be found in Best Lesbian Erotica 2002, both volumes of Best Bisexual Erotica, Noirotica 4, Zaftig, and, of course, right here.

Her interests including cooking (and eating), organic gardening, and obscure tidbits of historical and cultural knowledge. You can visit her homepage for more information. Email Lori

Robin St. Laurents a bit mysterious. In addition to being a writer, Robin is a talented photographer whose work appears throughout the Cyber-Dyke Network, and is showcased on

Robin owes much of her inspiration to her long-time lover Alexandra Lloyd, who used to edit Perceptions: The Journal of Imaginative Sensuality. The little zine has long since folded, but Robin and Alex are still happily together.

For those who are wondering, Jen and Lynn have some things in common with Robin and Alex, but, mostly, they are two different couples living two different lives — no comment on if the Sarcodes story is true! Email Robin

The Nymph

Intrepid explorer of all that is dark, dangerous, and "dirty," The Nymph has been writing stories since age 6, when her first "published" work "The Firebird" was displayed in the public library in her town. She has been cranking out stories, poems, and other art ever since, not letting a chronic illness, doomed love affairs, or college get in her way. (Or her father telling her that writing was "just a phase"!) While her much of her fiction is published here (she likes the company!), her self-published poems can be found at

She now lives in California with her wonderful wife, cranky cat, and far too many books. She loves to get email and would really love feedback about her stories and hearing from writers (and readers!) Email The Nymph


She's old enough to be Britney Spears' mother. (And the less said about that, the better.) You may have seen her short stories in anthologies by Alyson Publications, Arsenal Pulp Press, Seal Press, Odd Girls Press, or Black Books. When she isn't writing, she's usually changing her cat's litter box. Email Zonna

Valeska Keller

Valeska Keller was born in Swabia, but after graduating from the university moved to Berlin, to live with lesbians and liberals. Her first published work appeared in Tough Girls, from Black Books.

Now she lives in Berlin with her dog, many artistic neighbors, walls filled with books, and no partner. The latter does not upset her too much, as it means more time for her writing work, day job, dog, books, and artistic neigbhors. Email Valeska

Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor started writing pornography because she thought it would get her dates. It worked very successfully, and she recommends this method of flirtation to others. Her short stories appear in a variety of anthologies, mostly still in print. Just Like the Boys previously appeared in a now-defunct magazine called Bi-Curious back in 1995. Email Karen

Lydia Swartz

Lydia Swartz, tool of bitch-Aphrodite, passes for butch. You can find more of her queer fiction in (recently) Libido, Tough Guys (as Bart Magma), Best Bi Erotica 2, and Prometheus. She's currently completing a genderfucked, smutty version of Ovid's Metamorphoses. For more, see her Pornographer's Diary.

Anne Vincent

Anne Vincent owns a Ducati Monster 750, and she and her partner regularly ride the hills above Los Angeles. This is her first published story.

Skian McGuire

Skian McGuire is a working-class Quaker leatherdyke who lives in the wilds of western Massachusetts with her dog pack, a collection of motorcycles, and her partner of 19 years. Her work has appeared in Black Petals, Best Bisexual Erotica 2, Best Lesbian Erotica 1999, 2001, and 2002, Nest O' Vipers webzine, HLFQ, and will soon be appearing in Suspect Thoughts.

Elspeth Potter

Elspeth Potter lives in Philadelphia. Her credits include Best Lesbian Erotica 2001 and 2002, Best Women's Erotica 2002, Amoret, and Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica.

She's written stories involving fisting at a hot spring and a threesome in a zero-gravity chamber. Her most recent sale is a one-hundred-word piece about using your cell phone as a vibrator, which will appear at Amoret in November 2002.

Lady Mary

Mary Winter lives in the Midwest with her horse, her cats, and her parrot. As Lady Mary, she edits, which combines her love of science fiction and fantasy with the erotic. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached at

Jenn M

Jennifer Maer is an advertising copywriter who finally turned to porn writing because it offered a more realistic view of the world. You may have seen her work in Wired, Industry Standard, The Wall Street Journal, or Time Magazine, but it probably didn't turn you on. Unless you have a fetish for high tech, enterprise-level software ads. In which case, she's written some sexy shit.

Susan St. Aubin

Susan St. Aubin has been writing and publishing erotica for twenty years. Her work has appeared in Yellow Silk, Herotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Women's Erotica, Clean Sheets, and Best American Erotica, as well as other magazines and anthologies.

Dorian Beth Wenzel

Dorian Beth Wenzel graduated from Nottingham High School in Syracuse, New York, in 1979. From 1980 through 1989, Dorian was a Biblical scholar and lay-minister, holding Bible fellowships in her home and working as volunteer staff for assorted Bible classes that were offered through the Pentecostal ministry. Then she had a change of heart when she was twenty-eight, after ten years of celibacy, because she disagreed with the ministry over their doctrine on homosexuality being a form of idolatry, and decided to leave the ministry as a lay-minister.

She moved back to her parent¹s home in Syracuse, New York, in August of 1987, to finish her college education with an associate degree in Photography from Onondaga Community College in 1989.

She has since worked as a baby photographer and custom wedding printer, portrait photographer and assorted lab positions, then finally as a freelance photographer and writer while living in Colorado Springs, where she moved to in June of 1993, right after Amendment 2 passed in the state of Colorado.

In 1997, after a traumatic life-changing year, she decided to start writing lesbian fiction and completed "Adventures of a GWF," in June of 1999. She finished writing the sequel, "Return of Dobi," in July of 2000, and will complete the third book of this trilogy with "Dark Side of Dobi" in June of 2003.

She currently holds a day job while she desperately waits for her career as a freelance writer and photographer to take off. She started an e-commerce business web site on the Internet and someday hopes to become a filmmaker and turn "Adventures of a GWF" into a screenplay.

Learn more at

B.B. Loba

B.B. Loba is a Native American that grew up off rez in San Francisco. When she is not working for the corporate dollar, she writes erotica and short stories. She speaks and teaches on behalf of the LBGT community on a variety of topics including BDSM. She is also a board member of LBGT Two Spirits -- BAAITS, Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits, and is a founder of Butch/Femme socials:

Lana Gail Taylor is the pen name of a graduate student at the University of Oregon. She has published in Best Bisexual Women's Erotica; Ripe Fruit: Erotica for Well Seasoned Lovers; Blithe House Quarterly; Cleansheets; Mind Caviar; Dare; Brilliant Smut; and Playgirl. She has a story appearing soon in Bedroom Eyes: Lesbians in the Boudoir. Lana Gail dedicates "Lemon-Lime Firefly Girl" to the real Sally--rest in peace, baby--and would like to acknowledge that this story first appeared at Blithe House Quarterly.


ancil is a pansexual tranny nymph with an interest in the sensual and a lust for the written word. Hir website,, attempts to be a feather-duster disguised as a seat-cushion. Sie takes commissions and loves naughty emails.

Sophie Mouette

Sophie Mouette is the pseudonym of two professional fantasy and erotica writers and long-distance lovers who will put the money they made on this story towards flights to visit each other.

Eva Hore

Eva Hore has been published in Australia, the Uk and the USA. She lives in Melbourne with her three beautiful daughters.

Lisa DeSantiago

Lisa DeSantiago is an American of Puerto Rican descent, born in New York but raised in Chicago. You can find her commentaries on politics and lesbian life published in En La Vida and her erotica in the anthology Tough Girls. She has a BA in English from UIC, and she still believes that the Cubs should have let the goat into Wrigley Field. She is a woman of Peace, a woman who lives life passionately and she hopes that her writing reflects that spirit.

Michelle Houston

Michelle Houston has been writing erotica since 1995 and has been a presence online in the erotic community since 1998, including being a member of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association since early 2002.

She has had the pleasure of being published not only on this site, but also on other sites, including Three Pillows, Abby's Realm, Amoret (which has sadly been shut down), and Divine Pleasures (another site which is dearly missed) and currently has her first ebook out from Renaissance E Books, and is working on two others.

Freedom of sexuality and self-exploration are two things that Michelle strongly believes in. Discovering at age fifteen that she is bisexual, she has struggled to come to terms with her sexuality and her life. Writing created a sort of balance for her, if only in that she could escape for a little while into her own world. Whenever in doubt, questioning everything she had come to believe, she would sit down and write until everything made sense again. This didn’t always work, but it did create a love of writing, and a way to find the path to inner peace.

Michelle lives in the eastern US with her husband and five-year-old daughter. You can read more about her, or see more of her writing on her personal website, The Erotic Pen. Feel free to email her any and all comments on her writings at

Alyn Rosselini

Alyn Rosselini has written four short stories for Satin Slippers entitled, "Playing Cards, Red Light. Green Light, Resurrection," and "Redemption." She has written five plays which have come into production, but since the death of her sponsor, she stopped and began writing fiction and erotica. She has written an erotic novel series and is currently seeking an agent.

L. Bachu

L. Bachu is a writer/poet/mystos (and former spin mistress) who lives in the desert with her beloved beautiful butch bombshell and their Russian Blue cat. She writes erotic micro-fiction and poetry whenever she stalls out on penning her novel.

Her writing has appeared in Clean Sheets, Philogyny, Green Egg, Loving More, Gayety, and the anthologies Sacred Exchange (Lisabet Sarai and S.F. Mayfair, Blue Moon Books), and Crossing Over: The Pagan Book of Living and Dying (Starhawk and Macha Nightmare, HarperSan Francisco); Her short story,"The Perfect Toy," was recently accepted for a forthcoming Alyson Books anthology of gay porn called Hardcore. She can be reached at "Empty Me. Fill Me." originally appeared in Bitch Goddess: The Spiritual Path of the Dominant Woman (Pat Califia and Drew Campbell, Greenery Press).

J. Oraclese writes: I'm 44 years old and live in the Midwest, US. I have a day job that I hope to leave behind by the end of 2005 or early 2006. It seems I've been writing in one genre or another since I could hold a thick crayon; I remember filling page after page with scribbles instead of pictures most of the time. (Some say that my handwriting hasn't improved over the years, either.)

While I've written short fiction for audiences whose ages range from toddlers to adult, it's only been during the last few years that I've succumbed to the pull of writing other literature types. I have two dogs, and I pretend I can play a few instruments. My dogs disagree, but I just bribe them with treats to shut them up.

Come read why so many are finding her works so delicious! email J. Oraclese


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