SHE by J. Oraclese

After months of building up my courage to ask her to dinner--and losing it more often than I care to admit, I could scarcely believe my ears. She said yes.

"Where would you like to go?" I stammered, "What kind of food would you like to have?"

Sarah smiled enigmatically. "Leave that to me; I love to cook. Be at my door at seven-thirty sharp Friday night. Dress for the occasion." Her fingertips brushed my cheek lightly, sending lightning strikes through me as she walked away.

I waifed through the next few days, barely able to concentrate on sitting upright in my chair, functioning on autopilot. Every time I blinked, I saw her eyes and her mouth. Every time I breathed, I smelled her perfume--intoxicating. Finally it was time to leave the fašade of the work week behind.

"Feed the dogs. Shower. Get dressed. Wallet. Keys. Drive. I can do this. Just don't forget the keys," I repeated to myself over and over, the litany burning itself across my consciousness. How I managed to pull into the parking lot of her building in one piece, I had no idea.

I was there. At her door. Standing right in front of it. Wow. I gulped, trying vainly to moisten my lips and mouth. Just as I found the courage to bring my hand up, the door opened, and there she was, smiling and welcoming me in.

"Wonderful timing, Pat." Sarah accepted the bottle of wine I brought, exclaiming, "Perfect! This will suit very nicely as a finishing touch after dinner," eyes dancing with merriment and warmth.

I watched her move, openly amazed, as she brought me a drink and walked into the kitchen. She had the grace of a cat, gliding like a goddess instead of walking as mere mortals do, and an air about her that captured every bit of my attention--and my imagination--absolutely and completely.

Her oval face was framed by long, dark hair that glistened in the candlelight, lending a hint of mystery to her smooth olive skin. Her eyes--oh, her eyes--dark, bottomless, simultaneously held every emotion she felt and an intelligent, quiet reserve. Her lively hands added degrees of seriousness, emphasis, or frivolity to match the dinner conversation; long, tapering fingers gently caressed her wine glass, and my thoughts wandered to how they'd felt on my cheek.

I realized with a start that she was quiet, sitting with her chin propped on her hand. "I'm sorry, Sarah. I 'zoned' out for a moment. What were you saying?" I asked, embarrassed.

Her smile reflected quiet amusement as she answered, "For longer than a moment, Pat. We stopped talking almost five minutes ago. You had such a look on your face. What occupied you?"

Long moments passed as I tried to find my voice, mesmerized by the hold her eyes had on me. "You."

She stood slowly and took my hand, pulling me to my feet, and led me into the living room. "Good. I've tried for months to get your attention. I'm glad I finally succeeded."

Soft music filled the room as we came together, gently swaying in a weak attempt to dance. I could barely breathe from the feel her body pressed lightly against me. Her head tilted up, lips an inch from mine.

"You're still quiet, Pat," she said. "Talk to me. What's on your mind?" Cupping her cheek lightly, the only way I could answer was to show her. Closing the distance to her lips, I slowly blanketed them with feather kisses. After an eternity I was able to draw myself away from her mouth.

"I do like the way you communicate," Sarah responded, her voice soft and husky. She sank her head onto my shoulder, our bodies melting as we pressed closer together. My arms circled her slim waist, my hands resting against her back.

I closed my eyes and swam in the scent of her hair and skin. Hands circling slowly, lightly, I explored her back, hips to shoulders, tracing the outline of her. Only feeling the slight edge seam and thin straps told my senses of the change from the silk of her black, form-sculpted dress to her skin. Gently stroking her long tresses, I leaned down, exploring her neck and shoulder with my lips and tongue, reversing paths to find her ear, pausing to savor the taste of her skin and tease us both at her pulse points, kissing, nibbling, licking lightly, and sucking gently.

She raised her head and looked at me deeply. "I've waited for your touch for a very long time. Its gentleness and caring was well worth it," she whispered as she brought her mouth to mine, dizzying me with the barely contained passion in her kiss. After untracked time our tongues untwined and lips separated.

"Refill our glasses. I'll be back in a moment," she whispered and stepped back slowly and floated down the hall. Frozen in place, I could stand only by barely locking my knees, watching her, taking her in as long as I could see any part of her. I shook my head and could move only after she disappeared from view. The memory of her graceful legs, her sensuous hips swaying just so, the curve of her waist, and the swell of her breasts burned into me.

Filling our glasses and sitting on the couch, I tried to regulate my breathing again, searching for some semblance of pattern. I had just succeeded when she returned to the room. Apparently, she found the desired response to her attire when she laughed deep in her throat and continued over to where I sat, mouth open, eyes wide and glazed. "From your reaction to the feel of my dress, I thought you might like this," she teased.

My voice was nowhere to be found. Coherent speech wasn't either. After gulping several times and drawing breath after breath, I finally managed a weak, "Wow." Sarah had changed into a black, barely-there satin and lace robe--and nothing beneath. The sight of her took my breath away.

She slid against me, pushing slightly until we rested against the back cushions. She tucked her feet under her and took my hand, raising it to the side of her breast, holding it there while we kissed again. I was barely able to hold myself in control, letting her take the lead. When we came up for air, she sank against me with a sigh, head nestled softly on my shoulder. I didn't know of what we talked. I wanted only the music of her voice to go on forever.

Before either of us realized it, the wine was gone, and the small scented candles had burned down. Reaching up, she opened the curtains to bathe the room in moonlight. Settling down again, she rotated to sit facing me, lying across me, her head resting softly on my opposite shoulder. Low conversation paused often and long as our mouths explored the other's again and again, oscillating from gentle, loving kisses to raging passionate exchanges and back again.

I couldn't kiss her enough, touch her enough. I had too few mouths and hands for my needs and wants. Neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, face, hair, ears, mouth, eyes, nose...I wanted all of her all at once. Having to explore and discover her at human pace both frustrated and intrigued me.

Sitting up again, she stretched languidly, the fabric of her robe hiding both nothing and everything. Watching her walk into the kitchen brought a happy sigh.

"My god, those legs..."

Hearty laughter rang from the other room. "I heard that." Returning once again, Sarah sat on my lap and handed me a cool glass of water. "And thank you. Here. This might help. The air conditioning seems to have failed. It's gotten a bit warm in here, don't you think?" she asked, eyes dancing with wicked mischief.

Taking the glass from her, I replied solemnly, "Really? I hadn't noticed." She gasped then laughed as she dried my temple.

"Uh huh. Woman, I have you pegged, and we both know it. Don't forget that," she winked. I could only kiss her deeply and passionately in response, holding her tightly to me, feeling her arch into me, her arms pinning me to her.

Taking me by the hand, she stood once again, pulling me gently down the hall. She paused and turned into me. Holding my head close she whispered, "I've set out a robe for you if you'd like to share a quick shower before I take you to bed. Would you join me?" With the faintest of kisses, she led me to the spacious bathroom.

Avoiding turning on the light, she stepped close, faintly tracing my jaw line, kissing just below her fingers. She continued nibbling my neck as her hands carefully followed the opening of my blouse and unbuttoned it slowly, her touch whispering to my passion that we wouldn't have much longer to wait before skin touched skin.

Slipping behind me, she unfastened my bra and kissed the skin she slowly uncovered. Removing it entirely, she ran her fingernails ever so lightly down my spine and over my shoulder blades, feathering her kisses in their wake, her tongue sending charged hints to my strained nerve endings.

Unable to stifle the shudder that shook me from head to toe, my breath caught in me again, building to the slight groan that escaped unbidden. I turned and reached for her.

Catching my hands before I could touch her, she whispered, "Soon enough, my love. Soon enough..." She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature suitably while I slipped out of the rest of my clothes. She stepped under the spray, her hand pulling mine in invitation.

Sarah had set the spray control to a needle setting, and my highly active nerves' reaction to the water's impact robbed me of my breath. Every inch of me was on fire, tingling intensely, feeling a cross between the threshold of discomfort and the release of orgasm. Only the sudden cooling of the water forestalled crossing either line.

She allowed contact with the ice cold water for only a few seconds then turned the shower off. As I braced against the shower wall, slowly regaining my senses and my breath, she wrapped a huge warm towel around me. Pressed against my back, she whispered, "Take your time, Pat. I'll be waiting for you right here." After a few moments, she left the tub, and I could hear the muted rustle of her towel as she dried herself off. Finally trusting myself to move, I stepped out and crushed her to me.

"What did you just do to me? I've never felt anything like that before." Stifling any possible response she might have given, I kissed her hungrily, forcing her willing lips apart, my tongue pushing against her dancing one, seeking every taste of her mouth I could get.

"I told you, love. I have you pegged," kissing me while we waltzed to the bedroom.

We stood slightly apart, touching only with our eyes and mouths. I pulled us together, barely making contact, and traced the outline of her face, melting from the softness of her, raining tickling kisses along the side of her neck. Softly biting the curve beginning her shoulder, I ran my fingers from the back of her hands to her forearms, alternating strokes from the outside to the sensitive inside, pausing at the elbows to retrace the path with my mouth, gently sucking the crease, flicking it quickly with light strokes of my tongue, first one arm then the other.

Returning to her mouth, I parted her lips only slightly and teased the corners with the tip of my tongue. I pulled back when she turned her head to deepen the kisses, moving quickly to the other side of her mouth. Running my tongue along the outline of her full, firm, luscious lips, I drew the lower one into my mouth, nibbling, sucking slightly in rhythm to the drawling flicks of my tongue. The gasping moan that escaped from her fed my own desire previously banked to a warm glow into a high flame searing through me.

I lowered my head to the hollows of her neck and shoulders, my fingertips caressing the skin above her towel. Lips, tongue, and hands moving in synchronized movement, I eased the towel open, exploring the newly exposed skin inch by inch, tasting the freshness of her, reveling in the feminine smell of her.

Dropping her towel, I stepped back a few inches to let my eyes feast on her beautiful body, taking full joy in her gift to me. My eyes teared by the time I looked into her eyes again, whispering to her as I pulled us close, "I love you, Sarah. I have since the first moment our eyes met months ago."

Pressing into me, body perfectly melding with body, she answered, "I know. You already hold my heart. Now let me give you the rest of me."

Lowering her onto the bed, I gently lay atop her, my weight held by elbows and knees. Her arms wrapped around me, legs opening slightly. Our hips moved together slowly, my upper thigh pressed against her sweetness.

I looked deep into her eyes, my hands gently stroking her cheeks, neck, and shoulders, kissing her softly until I could stand it no longer, and I traced a spiraled path to her breasts, hands leading mouth.

Just reaching the beginning swell, I sucked slightly harder, tickling the sides of her breasts, and she arched into me, drawing me deeper into pleasing her. I let her catch her breath and just held her breast quietly until she opened her eyes, glazed with desire.

Rolling off her to lie against her, holding her in my arms, I was drawn once again to her marvelous mouth. Tasting her tongue seeking mine, I draped my leg over hers, fitting snugly in the warmth of her. Her hips rose and fell, rubbing herself against my thigh in tandem with the stroking of my hand on her firm breasts, teasing the erect nipple, massaging the swell of her, first one then the other.

Mouth supplanting hand, I finally allowed myself to taste her breasts. Sliding down her body until hip replaced leg snug against her vulva, I fed on the sweet saltiness of her skin, gently kneading the sides of her breasts. She arched again asking for more, and I closed my mouth around her nipple, licking it with the flat of my tongue.

I circled her areola firmly with the tip of my tongue, finally to suck her into me, my hands squeezing each breast as I alternated between them.

Sarah pushed against me, her hands holding my head to her as her breath grew ragged, and she moaned from deep within her. I quickened the pace of grinding into her, her abundant wetness giving license to firmer contact, her hips demanding it. She wrapped her legs around my sideways form, using my weight against her as leverage, as I continued finding more of her breasts to enjoy. Her breathing quickening, her hands and arms closed tightly around me, and she began to groan from the center of her being.

Quickly, I slid up to lie on top of her again, holding her tightly, kissing her to ease my words. "Not yet, Sarah...not yet. I've not nearly finished this first lesson of you."

With grudging reluctance and a throaty laugh she answered, "I'm going to make you pay for this. I swear it," and kissed me with wanton abandonment, her hands raking over my back.

Rising off of her and bearing all my weight on my arms and a knee, I placed my other knee between her legs, willingly open again. Only my mouth, tongue, and teeth touched her as I teased my way to her breasts again. As I massaged them with my lips, my tongue flicking across her nipples, her hands found my own breasts and fondled me in like time. Too easily distracted from my sworn mission, I drifted downward, continuing my discovery trek of her body.

Nipping slightly at the lower edge of her ribcage, softening it with tongue traces, I eased my weight back onto her, allowing my hands free reign again. Her smooth stomach tensed involuntarily as my hands floated across her, stopping randomly to caress her tenderly, making my way lower down her body slowly, missing nowhere, enjoying everywhere.

I tickled her hip bones, licking them with a feather touch, and I laughed with complete enjoyment as she shuddered involuntarily. I returned one hand to her breast, cupping it, squeezing it, gently twirling her nipple between my fingers and felt it harden immediately. Her chest rose into the touch, alternating movement with those of her hips as I nibbled the crease of her leg, my other hand slipping down to the satin softness of her inner thigh.

"Oh, godddddd..." she gasped as she parted her legs fully, giving herself to me completely. Her scent nearly drove me insane as I forced myself to take my time, drawing out the ecstatic torture for both of us.

Refusing the desired mouth contact just yet, I contented myself with letting my lips and tongue toy with her dark, neatly trimmed triangle and her sensitive, tender inner thighs. I gently slid my hand over to touch her parted lips, issuing an involuntary groan of my own when I felt her wet heat bathing my fingers.

She reached down, grabbing my head and raising her hips, forcing my mouth onto her. "Please, Pat...nowww... ." I complied willingly.

My tongue dipped into her juices, and I drank her into me. Her hips rose higher as she held me to her. I tongue-traced every bit of her, gently sucking, barely nibbling my way to her swollen, throbbing feminine essence. Pulling her outer lips back slightly, I circled it with a barely felt touch of the tip of my tongue, round and round, randomly flicking my tongue along the length of her, keeping her guessing until her legs locked around me for a moment, and I felt more than heard her throaty growl, insisting impatiently. I settled my mouth onto her, flicking over her lightly, sucking gently, easing into a soft rhythm.

She relaxed and pulled her legs open again, her hips rising and falling in cadence to my lips and tongue. She eased her grip on my head, gently running her fingers through my hair. Loving that, I almost peaked just from the sheer joy of her.

I continued my oral massage, basking in her, and brought my teeth into play as well. Turning my head slightly, I carefully bracketed her womanhood with my teeth and continued licking her, nibbling slightly in opposite time to gentle sucking.

Hearing her breath catch, I slid my finger just inside her, feeling her contract around it as I explored inside her gently. She brought her knees up further, hips raised higher, allowing me deeper into her. Mapping her inner contours, I slipped two fingers into her as I pushed deeper, ever continuing my rhythmic tongue massage.

I felt her quickly approach orgasm, and I brought my arm down from her breast to hold onto her as she tightened around my fingers, hips gyrating more and more wildly. I forewent nibbling her for harder sucking and and licking.

Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over both of us as she climaxed, her hands holding my head to her, her joy bringing my own. Her entire body arched as she spasmed for what seemed wonderfully like hours on end. I gentled the pressure and pace of my tongue, and she finally eased back onto the mattress, shuddering as she drew deep, ragged breaths, her sweat-glistened breasts heaving.

Not ready to change position quite yet, I eased my fingers out of her and kissed her femaleness tenderly, drinking in all her sweetness. Giving one last loving lick, I kissed and caressed my way up her body, pausing here and there for a deeper reacquaintance. Finally arriving at her mouth, I kissed her thoroughly, holding her tightly to me.

"Thank you, Sarah. I love you."

She smiled sleepily as we settled into each others arms and mumbled something into my neck. I asked her to repeat it and laughed at her response.

"I said, 'I love you, Pat. What shall we do on our second date?' "

"Set the alarm for a few hours from now, love, and we'll find out."

"Hours?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"You need rest, Sarah. I can wait," I answered, holding her close.

Rolling on top of me, she laughed, squeezing my breast possessively. "But maybe I don't want to."

She was right before.

She did make me pay.


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