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The blue-jeaned butch kneels quietly in front of me. I lean forward, feel my painted eyes glow green. "Show me..." A quiet hiss.

No need to tell her twice. She is well-trained. She steadies herself and unbuttons her shirt, pale blue eyes fixed on mine. One by one she undoes each button. One by one her breasts emerge. A silver hoop on each nipple. A silver bell on each hoop.

They make me smile, these bells. What whim of fancy made her decide to pierce her nipples and string them with sterling silver bells?

"Did it hurt?" I had never asked her before and now I am curious.

She nods yes.

"What happened?"

She closes her eyes, silent for a moment. "I screamed at the first one," she admits.

I clearly see the moment of piercing and my flesh itches. Those silver bells hold a certain fascination for me. But they also leave the bitter taste of revulsion on my tongue. I reach out my finger and tap the shiny ornament decorating her right nipple. Instantly an echo of her scream rings through my inner ear. The shriek. The moan.

I feel sick. This is not good. This woman comes to me, offering herself over and over to me. "Empty me, fill me," she says. "It doesn't matter."

Empty me. Fill me. Empty me. Fill me.

Sadness rises from the center of my belly and closes my throat. This is a soft sadness, soft as new snow falling from a sodden sky.

I swallow my sudden pain and sadness. "Come with me, " I tell her. I rise. She follows. She always follows. I love counting on her for that. I lead her into the bathroom. Turn on the tub faucet. Let it begin to fill.

I turn to her again, bare breasted except for those tiny bells. She waits. I pull her toward me and cover her mouth with mine and begin to kiss her slowly. I empty her with my kiss, draw breath from her, fire from her, obedience from her, devotion from her. Empty me. Fill me. I take all from her with that kiss. Feel her drop as she gives it all up. And still I keep kissing her. Kissing her and taking every fear, every hope, every laugh, every shriek that has ever roosted in her bony frame.

And when I am done kissing her dry, I gather her up boots, bells and all, and place her in the warm tub of water. Ready to begin the filling again.

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