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     It was twenty miles to the next exit, on I-80 somewhere in Iowa in the middle of the night, that the muffler fell off our car. That's how it all started.

     Actually, the muffler only fell off halfway, leaving us dragging a trail of sparks along the asphalt and generating the most ungodly scraping sound until Dee could get us pulled off to the shoulder.

     I was riding in the passenger seat. I may be butch, but I don't know a damn thing about cars; don't even have a license. And it's Dee's car anyway, so I let her crawl up under the back end to see if she could do anything about the muffler. I stood watch as the trucks came barrelling down toward us, pulling away from the edge of the pavement when they caught sight of me.

     Every few minutes I would glance back at Dee to see how things were coming. It was distracting to see her bare legs poking out from underneath the trunk like that. Her white flowered sundress would swirl in the gusts that the trucks blew up as they passed. There was nothing to break the wind but the cornfields behind us, rolling over the low hills as far as we could see in the nighttime highway glow. Maybe she could use a flashlight, I thought. And a sweater.

     I headed for the back seat. When she saw my boots walk by her head, Dee scooted out a bit and asked, "What's up?"

     "I was just getting a flashlight," I said.

     "Hey, good idea," she replied. "Could you maybe hold it for me down here? I'll show you where to point the light." She bent her head to smile up at me, then inched her way back underneath. Her skirt started to bunch up beneath her butt. I could see the heavy, fleshy part of her thighs.

     I don't know what I was thinking, out there in plain sight by the side of the road, but I bent down behind the back end of the car, my back to the road, and reached up underneath her dress with my free hand. My other hand still held the flashlight.

     She was wearing white cotton panties. I couldn't see them, but it's what she always wore. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" She said, but I could hear the mirth in her voice, so I didn't stop.

     "I'm sorry," I said, sliding my hand up her thigh, until I reached the elastic of her panties. "I'm just trying to help. You want all those truckers looking up your skirt?"

     She giggled and clenched her thighs around my hand. I hooked my fingers under the edge of her underwear and pushed in, until I brushed her pubic hair. Her body tensed, but after a moment she spread her legs just an inch, allowing me to dip deeper, toward her clit.

     "You're sure you're OK with this?" she breathed.

     I glanced up the highway. At this hour, with only the occasional sixteen-wheeler passing is, it looked almost desolate. "Nobody could see anything, even if they wanted to," I said. "I was kidding about the truckers." My fingers were rubbing along her crease, dipping down to bring moisture up along the folds. She was moving her hips side to side now, no longer squirming so much as rocking, moving with me. I pressed my thumb against her clit and pushed inside her with my fingers. Her arms dropped from the exhaust system and she pressed her palms against the gravel beneath her.

     We were getting serious. I leaned into it, into her, closing my eyes and straightening my back, developing a rhythm that she matched with her body, her legs spread wide and her back arching, meeting my hand.

     "I'm going to fuck you until my forearm's numb," I told her. "Then we're going to load that muffler into the trunk, take the first exit we see, and bed down in some nice roadside motel. I'm going to fuck you all damn night. Flashing your panties at me out here, how could you expect me to resist? You're lucky my dildo's in the luggage or I'd be pumping you full right here in the open."

     In between short gasping breaths, she said, "I can't get the muffler off. It's too hot. I can't reach."

     "Then maybe we should let you out of there and cool down. The muffler, that is. I think we can keep ourselves occupied in the meantime, don't you?" And with that I plunged my fingers deep into her and angled upwards, toward that soft cushion of flesh that I knew so well. I ground the heel of my hand hard against her clit, and almost knocked the bumper with my forehead. "We could grab a blanket," I said, "hop the fence, and spend the night in a cornfield, under the stars. Doesn't that sound romantic?" I thrust again, cupping my hand. She moaned and dug her toes into the gravel; I noticed she'd kicked off her sandals. "Yeah, roll in a stranger's fields at midnight," I said. "I bet his plants grow halfway to the sky, just in sympathy."

     "Could I make as much noise as I wanted?" She said, scooting down another half inch.

     "Who'd be listening? The raccoons?"

     She laughed and clenched her knees around my forearm. I was just about ready to pull her out by the legs, throw her in the back seat and jump in after, forget about romance or waiting for a motel. That's when the blue strobe light washed over my back for the first time.

     I stood quick as I could, wiping my hand on my jeans. I could hear the crunch of gravel beneath the cop car's wheels as he pulled to a stop behind us. Dee pushed he dress back down to her knees and started to scoot out from beneath the car. I stayed where I was and stared into the headlights that were blurring my vision.

     "Evening, officer," I said with a quaver when the car door finally opened. All I could see through my watering eyes was a tall figure in a state trooper's uniform. After a moment, though, he snapped of the headlights and approached the scene.

     Up close now, despite his razor-short hair and badge, he didn't look as intimidating. For one thing, he was young, probably younger than either of us. For another, he was smiling almost sheepishly, his shoulders unknotting as he strode toward us. I could feel the beginnings of a blush creep up the back of my neck.

     "Evening, Miss, and Miss," he said, polite as could be and with a hint of a Plains drawl. "Having car trouble?"

     Dee had stood up by now, and cut in before I could say anything. "Yes officer. We lost the back end of our muffler, and now it's dragging. But I can't seem to get it free."

     I glanced at her; she squeezed my hand. The state trooper didn't seem to notice. He just smiled even wider and unclipped a tool from his belt. "Oh, that's real easy to fix. I can help you out if you like, miss," he said, flicking open a large utility blade.

     Dee nodded and stepped out of his way. Gingerly, he clambered under the back end of the car, his long gangly legs in pressed, creased trousers protruding from underneath. With one swipe of the blade, he severed the stubborn rubber seal that kept the muffler attached, and it fell to the shoulder with a crunch. The whole operation took less than a minute. The state trooper was soon enough standing right at our side again.

     He helped us load the muffler into the trunk. "You best get that fixed at the next place you stop in the morning," he said. "Probably have to buy a new one." By now he was grinning ear to ear, and bouncing on his heels, but he was still as polite and respectful as ever. We thanked him and I headed for the passenger side door, Dee for the driver's seat. But instead of returning to his own car, the young officer cam over to stand next to me, eyes on the ground, shoulders bunching up again. His toe kicked the gravel next to my boots.

     "I just wanted to say," he began, and glanced across the roof at Dee. I tensed, hand on the latch, ad he continued. "I was real worried when I stopped and saw the young lady beneath the car, and you standing over her like that."

     Dee's eyes widened as we stared at each other, but she said nothing.

     "See, when I first saw you miss," the officer continued, "No offense, but I thought you was a man."

     I couldn't help breaking into a smile. I had to admit it wasn't the first time, after all.

     The officer kept talking, rapidly now, in relief perhaps. "And you see, I thought you two might have had an argument. And maybe you'd hit her, and she'd fallen beneath the car." he paused to wipe his brow.

     Dee was hiding her mouth behind her hand as her eyes danced. To cover for her, I said in the most serious voice I could muster, "I hear those sorts of situations can be the most dangerous for officers like you."

     The young man nodded vigorously. "Yes, exactly, Miss. A lot of people get real excitable in that sort of situation, and they can do all sorts of crazy stuff. We need to be real cautious. So I'm sorry if I scared you, miss. I was sure grateful to see it was just car trouble. You all have a good trip, now. Good night." He tipped his head to me, then Dee, and headed back to his patrol car with a wave.

     We waited until he'd passed us to start up the car. It welcomed us back with an unmuffled roar. Dee and I looked at each other across the seat divider, and then burst into laughter."

     "I think we ought to find ourselves the nearest motel, Miss," I said after a few short breaths.

     Dee hitched up the skirt of her sundress so that her knees were uncovered. She took my hand and kissed it, sucking lightly at the tips of my fingers. "And I think we'd better hurry," she added for me. Then she took us back out onto the highway.

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