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     Tamara and Amy lay side by side on the cool sheets, basking in the afternoon light, their thighs barely brushing each other. Tamara, a dark haired, athletic woman, had just coaxed an orgasm out of her lover, with a dexterous combination of cunnilingus, nipple pinching, and a finger slid inside her ass. She felt a cool breeze from the open window, and watched Amy's nipples pucker again, even as the flush of her recent orgasm was fading from her pale skin.
    "Whatcha thinking about?" Tamara asked.
    "Dicks," said Amy idly. Tamara raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Amy always claimed she was interested in men, but she never mentioned old boyfriends, and in the beginning, she hadn't been interested in any type of penetration. Of course, Tamara reminded herself, today she had just come with a finger up her ass.
    "Do you ever wish you had a dick?" Amy asked Tamara, lifting herself up on one elbow to look at her dark-eyed lover.
    "I do!" Tamara reached over to pull open the bottom drawer of the bedside dresser. She pulled a slim, lavender dildo out the drawer and brandished it dramatically. "Ready, willing, and able!" Amy shielded herself in jest, and giggled again.
    "That's not exactly what I meant."
    "You mean, do I wish I was a man?" Or are you wishing I was a man, Tamara wondered.
    "No, not exactly. More like...do you ever wish you could just be a man once in a while, just to have sex like a man does?
    Tamara burst into peals of laughter. "I love the way you say that," she giggled. "It sounds like once you get a penis, your sex life centers on your dick! Of course, I did have a few boyfriends who acted like that," she remembered, idly waggling the dildo back and forth.
    "No, I mean like the gay boys," Amy explained. "I love talking to them down at the bar. They seem so...free about sex. They really seem to get that sex is more than just putting their cock in someone else's body."
    "Well, I've had a few boyfriends like that, too," Tamara grinned. "I've even used this puppy on them," she said, waving the lavender toy in Amy's face.
    "It's just...the whole male energy thing," Amy struggled, then blushed. "I know, look who's talking. I haven't even been with a guy in years. But... lately I've been wondering what it would be like. Not to be with a guy, but to be a guy. No, to be a fag. With other fags."
    "You mean, to be fucked in the ass?" Tamara lowered her voice seductively. "To be assfucked like a hungry boy needing his hole filled?" When Amy's blush continued up to the roots of her blonde hair, Tamara knew she had scored a hit. Amy was deeply embarrassed by "dirty talk." She also got really turned on by it. That was why she liked going to the gay bars, listening to the guys talking about fucking and sucking, Tamara realized. A plan formed in her mind as she slowly stroked her lover's blush-colored breasts. "Oh yeah, I bet you're wishing you had a cock up your ass right now, aren't you?" she whispered, glad that she already had her dildo in hand.

* * *

    A few days later, Tamara took Amy on a surprise shopping trip. They were getting prepared for the long search for parking when Tamara let out a cry of glee, and pulled into a parking space.
    "Perfect! This is right where we're going," she exclaimed.
    "The new age gift shop?" Amy asked, looking at the store immediately adjacent to the car. "I didn't know you needed more candles."
    "No, silly, the sex store, next door!"
    "WHAT? I can't go into a sex store!" Amy protested, her heart beginning to pound.
    "You'll like this one," Tamara assured her. "It's very woman-friendly. In fact, it's run by a couple of dykes. They're great. Besides, we're running low on lube." After a few more moments, Amy finally allowed herself to be pulled into the store, and nervously looked around. It was--well, actually, a pretty comfortable place. The books and magazines were displayed in a welcoming way on beech-finished shelves, with little handwritten descriptions taped beneath some of the books. Only a sprinkling of the covers had pictures of unreal women with huge tits and pouty mouths. Two upholstered chairs were pulled up by a coffee table in the same light wood of the bookshelves. A very ordinary-looking woman was behind the counter, changing disks in the CD player. As the Indigo Girls started to sing, Amy let her eyes wander over warm sunflower-colored walls, then read a poster announcing "Remember: May is Masturbation Month!" and blushed.
    "Hi, I'm Claire. Can I help you find something, or are you just browsing?" asked the saleswoman, coming from behind the counter toward them.
    "Yes," said Tamara. "We want to buy a dildo and a couple of harnesses." Amy just about sank through the floor with embarrassment at Tamara's directness, but Claire seemed nonplussed. "Sure thing," she said, leading them farther back into the store. "Here's a selection." She drew them toward a table display of dildos. The array of colors was unreal. In addition to the black, beige and tan colors Amy was expecting to see, there was electric blue, fire-engine red, gold or silver glitter, soft swirls of lavender on dark blue or white or black, even camouflage for a particularly large dildo with the intimidating name "The Commando." A collection of glass and acrylic tapered sculptures curved and twisted in an artful display on the center of the table; when Amy realized they, too, could be used as sex toys, she was astonished. But even the dildos made from the more common silicones and other softer materials were wildly diverse in their shapes and sizes. They were carved with celtic knotwork designs, twisted sharply in spiraling patterns, had ridges on one side, bulged with asymmetrical knobs; they even took the shape of dolphins, birds, fingers, tongues, diving women ready to plunge into a friendly orifice. Amy had no idea people could actually put some of those things in their bodies.
    Stepping away in embarrassment, she bumped into a nearby table, which was filled with equally vividly decorated anal probes and butt plugs with descriptive names like "Diamond Lil," "the Rocket" and "the Scorpion." Beyond that display was yet another table filled with vibrators, the silvery eggs and giant black machines humming and gyrating away. Her clit tingled at the sound, and feeling herself blush again, she turned her attention back to the plethora of dildos before her.
    "Hey, Amy, what about this one?" Tamara read the description below a curving dildo swirled in red and black. "'Well-built and big-boned, the Champ is mighty enough to take on the most demanding of tasks.' Boy, does that bring back memories of Jeff.... Naw, too macho. How about this one? 'The Mistress is a tall drink of water that refreshes without being too filling.' That sounds very woman-friendly, doesn't it?" Despite her discomfort, Amy had to giggle. Among the colors, shapes and sizes, she spotted a medium-sized ebony-colored dildo that was carefully sculpted to resemble the real thing, complete with a set of balls. Amy was fascinated by the detailing of the mushroom-shaped head, the veins twisting along the shaft, the slight curve that gave it a realistic sensuality. She felt her nipples hardening.
    "Hanging on the wall back here are the harnesses," Claire continued, pointing to a rack with items that looked like small g-strings with holes in them. "Have you ever worn one of these?" she asked Amy politely.
    "N-n-no," stammered Amy. "I haven't either," offered Tamara, who was obviously much more comfortable in her ignorance. "I just own a dildo."
    "Well, harnesses are great for expanding your sexual vocabulary," the saleswoman said. "If you like, I can show you how to put one on."
    "Great!" said Tamara, taking one down from the rack. "Should I try it with a dildo?" Claire nodded, advising her to choose one of similar size and length to her own. Tamara grabbed a slender frosting-pink dildo from the table and headed to the dressing room. "Come on, Amy, grab a dick and let's go!" Amy gulped, and reached carefully for the black dick that had so entranced her. It felt warm in her hand as she followed Tamara to the back of the store.
    In the dressing room, Claire showed the girls how to push the dildos through the hole in the front of the harness and secure it. The harnesses resembled men's jockstraps, thought Amy as she stepped into the piece, pulled the straps up over her thighs, and snapped it at the waist. She took a few steps, and giggled at the sensation of the dildo bobbing up and down, the base pressing against her clitoris. Is this how it felt to walk around with a dick all the time? she wondered. No wonder guys always seemed horny. She rocked back and forth on her heels, feeling the dildo moving up and down to the rhythm. Tamara watched her with amusement.
    "These will be just fine, I think," said Tamara. "We'll take these, and that dildo." Amy started to pull off the harness. "Wait, Amy," she said, and turned to the sales person. "Can we wear them out?"
    "Well, that dildo is for sex," Claire advised. "If you want to pack, you know, wear a dick out under your clothes, you may want a softer one. After all," she pointed out, "men don't walk around with permanent hard-on's."
    "Some of my friends do," said Tamara, and all three of them broke into laughter. Still giggling, they returned to the register, where Tamara paid for the new toys and a bottle of lube, and Claire gave her some free condoms and a pamphlet on the care and maintenance of sex toys.
    Amy felt a little awkward walking with the extra piece between her legs (how do men walk around with those all the time, she wondered), but it was also very erotic. She surreptitiously touched her new dick under her chinos, and thought she could actually feel the sensation. She could have sworn it moved a little in response.
    "How does it feel?" Tamara asked her after they got into the car. "It's...it's great," Amy said, settling herself into the seat in such a way that her hand cupped over the head of the dick she was wearing. "It's kind of different, but I really like it. It makes me--"
    "Makes you horny?" Tamara grinned as they pulled away from the curb. Amy nodded, feeling her dick begin to pulse as she touched it through her pants. On the way back to Tamara's she rested her hand on her thigh, her fingers lightly stroking the cock, imaging it was growing slowly harder. It feels so real, she thought. I can feel my dick throb. I bet if I stroked it, I would come. She wanted to rip her pants down around her knees and jerk off her dick, but she stopped herself. Tamara watched her out the corner of her eye, grinning.

* * *

    They were barely inside Tamara's apartment before Amy unexpectedly grabbed her and kissed her roughly, pushing her against the wall and rubbing her dick between Tamara's thighs. "God I want you so bad," she growled, her eyes flashing.
    "I know you do," Tamara said, her nipples tingling in response to the kiss. "But you're just going to have to wait for me. Why don't you go in the bedroom and get yourself ready for me. I'll be there in a few minutes."
    Amy stumbled into the bedroom, kicking off her shoes as she unbuttoned chinos. She pulled her shirt off and flung it to the floor on top of her pants, adding her bra and socks to the pile. As she pulled down her panties, the cock sprang free, bobbing gently between her legs, the base slick with her own cum.
    Get herself ready. Amy lay back on the bed and carefully wrapped one hand around the shaft of her dick, feeling it pulse in her hand, transforming her into an amorphous sexual being with a driving urge to come. Using the other hand to fondle her/his balls, which sent tingles down into her/his toes, Amy started to pull her/his other hand up and down the shaft of the cock, tugging gently at the head, rhythmically jerking her/his cock off, keeping the dick hard for her/his lover. Tamara found her that way, golden hair spread across the bed, face screwed tight in concentration, back arching up as her/his pale hand pulled at the ebony dick between soft thighs.
    "Don't come yet, I want to suck you off," Tamara whispered, kneeling between Amy's thighs and ripping the condom out of its wrapper. Amy groaned as Tamara slid the condom over the head, and slowly followed the condom's path down the firm shaft with her mouth. She could smell Amy's cunt as she closed in toward the base, the soft, but distinctive odor of a woman in full heat. What a great combination! Tamara thought. Smelling my lover's cunt while I give her a blowjob. Tamara's own cunt was heavy with juice, making her lavender dildo slide easily across her clitoris as she shifted her position. She considered trying to jerk herself off while sucking Amy's dick, but decided that she better concentrate on one new experience at a time.
    Tamara began to slowly work her mouth around the head of Amy's dildo, feeling its contours with her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She pulled away slightly, flicking the tongue at the head, and Amy jerked in ecstasy. "Yes," she cried hoarsely. Tamara continued to lick at the dick, sliding it back into her mouth in a smooth motion, and beginning to move her head up and down over the shaft. In the back of her mind she wondered how Amy knew what she was doing, how she could feel the blowjob, but when Amy's fingers wrapped themselves in her short brown hair, pulling her head roughly up and down on the dick, Tamara's mind returned to the business at hand. She was no longer in control of the situation, she was getting face-fucked.
    Amy was growling and grunting, muttering incoherently as she pushed her cock into Tamara's mouth, holding Tamara in place as she worked her dick in and out, thrusting herself deeper and deeper until Tamara could feel the dick pushing against the back of her throat. Tamara focused her breathing, relaxing the muscles in her throat so she wouldn't gag as Amy fucked her mouth hard and fast. Suddenly with an inhuman growl Amy came hard. Her body shook uncontrollably, ramming her dick deeper and deeper, until Tamara nearly choked. "Oh yeah, oh yeah!" Amy screamed hoarsely as her body jerked in rhythm. Finally the convulsions subsided and Tamara felt the fingers in her hair loosen. She gently pulled Amy's cock out of her mouth and rested her head against Amy's thigh.
    After a while, Amy sighed deeply. "That was -- amazing," she said. "I've never -- NEVER come like that before." She brushed her toes across Tamara's stomach. "I...I didn't realize I could come like that."
    "I didn't realize you could, either," said Tamara. "You were wild. Could you really feel me sucking your dildo?"
    "It's kind of hard to explain," Amy paused. "Yeah. Yeah, I could. I could feel your tongue sliding across the shaft, ticking the tip -- it was a mindfucking experience."
    "Well, it's not over yet," said Tamara as she turned to face Amy. Smiling widely, she stood up, her lavender dildo bouncing slightly from the movement, holding a small can in her gloved hand.
    Amy stared up at Tamara as she opened the can of Crisco. "You aren't serious. Crisco?!" she said incredulously. Tamara nodded, a wicked expression on her face as she grabbed a brightly colored condom and pulled it onto her lavender dildo. "If it's good enough for our gay-boy friends, it's good enough for us. Here, put those pillows under your ass."
    Snapping on a glove, she looked down at Amy. "Put those pillows under your ass, and spread your legs," she commanded, her voice low and throaty.
    Amy did, and Tamara kneeled between her legs. "You wanted to know how the boys did it," she said, her voice getting husky as she liberally spread Crisco on her condom-covered dick, then around Amy's puckered asshole, poking a finger inside. Amy started a feeble protest, but Tamara pushed her back by her shoulders, and pulled her ass even closer.
    "You don't think just because YOU came that we're done, do you? Do you, boy?" Tamara whispered, leaning forward to kiss her lover lightly. Sliding her hand around the top of her slim dildo, Tamara first worked a finger into Amy's ass, circling it slowly around the tight ring of muscle. Amy sighed, closing her eyes. As Tamara expected, Amy's orgasm had relaxed the sphincter enough that she would be ready for something the size of the slim lavender dildo. A second finger, then a third slid in. She began to push the dildo forward as she pulled her fingers out.
    Amy moaned as Tamara slowly worked the dildo into her ass. "Oh god," she exhaled as the dildo moved deeper and deeper. "Yeah, yeah. In my ass." She wrapped her long legs around Tamara, pulling the dildo deeper into her. She met Tamara's deepest push with a groan of pleasure. "Yeah, oh, yeah that's nice," she moaned, arching her back as she thrust against Tamara's dildo. Tamara leaned forward, rocking her hips slowly back and forth, feeling her clit rub against the base of the dildo. She looked down at her lover's body, still glistening with the sweat of her first powerful cum, the black dick resting on that pale belly. With an evil grin, she reached forward to flick at one of Amy's still-hard nipples, feeling her entire body shiver in response.
    "Fag," she whispered to Amy, both hands brushing those tiny pebbles of flesh. "Little fag getting buttfucked. You like getting your ass fucked, don't you, faggot?" Instead of the expected flush of embarrassment, Amy responded eagerly, hissing "yesssss" through her teeth. Tamara tightened her fingers around Amy's nipples and increased her speed, her cunt dripping as she thrust her dick a little faster, a little more roughly. "You're just a butt boy, aren't you," she muttered huskily. "Tell me you like getting your hole filled, buttboy," she urged, shoving her dildo hard into Amy, the shaft rubbing across her own clit. "Tell me you like big dicks in your hungry ass, faggot, tell me how much you like it."
    "Oh yes," Amy whimpered, "fuck me. Fuck my ass. Big dicks, yeah. Fuck me, fuck my ass hard!" She rode Tamara's dick, the muscles in her thighs pulling against Tamara's hips as she moved. "Oh yeah, I need it, I need it!" she pleaded through her clenched teeth. Tamara raised herself upright to brace herself for several hard thrusts. Amy's legs locked around her waist, her ass refusing to give up Tamara's dick. "Come on faggot, beg for it," Tamara growled at her lover. "Beg for my dick, fag, beg to be my buttboy, or I'm pulling out." She stopped her thrusts suddenly.
    At that, Amy went wild. "No, please don't stop!" she wailed, arching her ass off the pillows, pushing back toward her lover. "Please fuck me! Fuck me with your big dick! I need it up my ass! I need it! Please fuck me!" Tamara reached for Amy's cock with her greasy, cum-stained glove and started to pump it up and down. "Yeah, fag," Tamara panted, her voice throaty and deep, "yeah, you're my buttboy, aren't you, faggot." Amy was moaning inarticulately, her body shaking. "You're going to come for me," Tamara growled. "You're going to come with my dick in you." She worked Amy's black dick in her Crisco-slickened glove hard and fast. "Oh yeah," Amy cried, "Yeah, I'm going to come. Come on your big dick. I'm going to come so hard."
    "You'll come when I say," Tamara snarled, slamming her slicked lavender dildo into Amy. Damn, why hadn't she bought a bigger one when they were out today! She wanted to fill Amy's ass with a huge, thick, long cock. She wanted to ram her entire body into that quivering ass. Amy was writhing wildly, fucking herself on Tamara's cock while trying desperately to thrust her cock back and forth in her lover's hand, begging to be allowed to come, her fists pounding against the mattress. Tamara felt an orgasm building deep in her gut, deeper than her cunt, deep in that place where guys find their energy. "I'm going to come in your ass, boy," she growled. "You ready to come, faggot?" her voice shaking with her own impending orgasm. "Come now! Come right now! Come in my hand, faggot!"
    Amy's shrieks reached new decibels as her body was racked with wave after wave of ecstasy, each cum threatening to throw her off the bed. Tamara let go of her lover's cock and grabbed her hips, holding on for dear life as her own orgasm overwhelmed her body. They rocked together for an eternity, Amy screaming herself into hoarseness, Tamara muttering "oh yeah, boy, good boy, good boy," like a mantra.
    Finally the spasms grew less violent, and Tamara pulled herself up and carefully and slowly slid her dildo out of Amy's throbbing asshole. Another set of orgasms immediately swept across Amy, and Tamara held her closely, waiting until she stopped shaking. At last, Amy was quiet again. They held each other tenderly, kissing and caressing each other.
    "Is that how they do it?" Amy murmured. Tamara giggled tiredly.
    "Oh, I'm sure they do it like that, and in other positions, too."
    Amy felt her dick shift against her slick belly.
    "I want to try them. I want to try them all."

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